Question:             How can my privacy be protected when somebody scans the tag?

Answer:                When you set up your profile, you get to determine how much contact information you want people to see. Suggestion, enter

                              just your first name, and either just your phone number or email address, then submit.

Question:             When I submit my Pet information, I get  an error message that the number cannot be an integer, what does that 


Answer:                The word integer means whole or correct numbers. Re-check the numbers and or letters and try again. It usually occurs 

                               when too many digits are entered or numbers are confused for letters.


Question:             I am having trouble scanning my tag, what am I doing wrong?

Answer:                Make sure you are not scanning under a bright light that reflects off the tag. Also, try moving your phone back-in-forth slowly                                       until it focuses and records. If you still have problems, you may also try downloading a different QR Code Reader App on your 


Question:             I loaded in my Pet's information, then submitted, When I scanned the tag it said no pet found.

Answer:                Go back, enter the QR code number and Pet's name, then submit to make sure it loaded properly. 

Question:            When I scan my tag the location it shows on the map is miles away, what should I do?

Answer:               Make sure your phone location setting is changed from the Navigation, to a GPS setting for Google Maps. A phone on the

                             Navigation location setting uses cell towers, where a phone with the GPS location setting switched on uses satellites for 

                             accurate locations. 

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